Task Management

Task Management … so that no task can fall through the cracks.

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Our Task Management solution

Task Management helps you manage the complexities of a modern healthcare practice ensuring tasks don’t fall through the cracks. You can automate the allocation of important recurring tasks and have greater visibility in one central dashboard.

Talk to us about configuring the platform to the unique circumstances of your practice with flexible pricing options, for a custom healthcare task management solution that works for you.

Overall benefits

Your dashboard shows you which tasks have been assigned and what is outstanding across all your team at all locations to keep you on top of progress

Tasks can be allocated by role, teams or practices, with tasks linked to their personalised task list. This improves accountability and collaboration.

Notifications are automatically sent out when important tasks are due or are still outstanding, reducing the time and effort spent chasing up staff.

The history of all tasks can be easily retrieved, giving you an auditable history to support accreditation or in the event of a medico-legal incident.

Set up complex recurring tasks in advance. Cross-reference the tasks with relevant policies, procedures and register to reduce the risk of errors.

Tasks can be linked to roles, relevant policies and procedures, equipment registers and documents keeping related information easily accessible to users.

Key insights

Allocation of tasks by individual, role, team or practice
Dashboard shows at glance what is outstanding
Automated alerts and reminders when tasks are due
Reduces the risk for complex recurring tasks
Full auditable history for accreditation or adverse events

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