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Pharmacy Quality Assurance

Use PracticeHub to jumpstart your pharmacy’s quality management journey. In collaboration with pharmacy management experts, the library of customisable policies, procedures and registers have been created to align with the ‘Five Domains of Quality’ outlined in the QCPP’s Quality Care 2020 accreditation framework for pharmacies. PracticeHub helps your pharmacy streamline the preparation for assessments and accreditation, by making it easy to demonstrate the ongoing focus on quality throughout all areas of your business

PracticeHub Core

PracticeHub Core is the online management platform used by pharmacies to gain efficiencies and simplify operational processes. Centralised control of policies and procedures along with a digital audit trail helps to reduce risk and free up time to focus on quality patient care. 

Task Management

Task management enables the creation and assignment of tasks to specific staff. Task progress can be tracked with alerts prompting when items are overdue. Set recurring tasks to ensure high standards are maintained and deliver consistent patient care.  

Equipment registers

The equipment registers within PracticeHub create a digital audit trail of important information about key pharmacy equipment. Track the maintenance, calibration and essential information of equipment with the added benefit of alerts for time-sensitive maintenance.   

Ahpra Alerts

Ahpra alerts can be automatically viewed on the PracticeHub platform. Reduce risk by keeping up to date with the registration status, conditions or changes in registration for healthcare professionals in your pharmacy.  

Centralised and efficient pharmacy management 

PracticeHub is an online management platform helping pharmacies deliver high standards of care and professional services to their customers. With PracticeHub, it’s easy to centralise processes, policies and procedures, empowering staff with the knowledge needed to bring quality standards to life in your pharmacy.

PracticeHub helps pharmacies increase efficiencies and reduce risk.

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"PracticeHub took so much pressure off me and I am very grateful. I know it must have been a huge undertaking by Avant but it is an exceptional resource and support to our practice and I just really wanted to say THANK YOU AVANT! My non-GP surveyor was even interested in PracticeHub for herself.”

- Watersprings Health Centre

"PracticeHub gives us a consistent approach to managing documentation by making it easy for the practice team to update and access policies, procedures, forms and templates.

Patients also benefit from the clear guidelines that are linked to improving the whole patient experience, information, awareness and service."

- Northside Eye Specialists

"I would absolutely recommend PracticeHub to all practices. I am converted. You won’t ever regret it. Everything is one place. The team can quickly access everything remotely.”

- RARMS Health

“Our practice managers can just jump in to PracticeHub and find what they need now, which saves time. All the documents and templates for individual staff are in there. From a monitoring point of view, it also makes sure we are current.”

- Ochre Health