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Using PracticeHub as an operations quality system for Street Side Medics


Street Side Medics is operating a GP service for homeless people from a mobile van stationed in Wollongong, NSW. The clinic provides a range of standard GP services including health examinations, referral to subspecialties, immunisation and pathology services to minor surgical procedures. The service is delivered by a team of doctors, comprising a GP, a JMO, a nurse, a social worker and a volunteer.

Street Side Medics was founded as a non-for-profit organisation with the mission to provide an exceptional standard of healthcare to the homeless community by Dr. Daniel Nour and Prof Ravinay, the head of cardiology at the Royal North Shore Hospital, a director at Street Side Medics since the inception.

The problem to solve

As a non-profit organisation that employs a lot of volunteers, it was very important to define and implement a quality and compliance framework that works well within the context of a transient medical workforce. The founder, Dr. Daniel Nour, needed to ensure stringent adherence to clinical practice’s policies and procedures. In short, a good clinical governance framework was required to cover all operational processes of running a practice.

Looking at solutions

What kept Daniel awake at night were potential legal consequences due to failures in the process. For example, what would happen in the event of a needle stick injury? Would the team know what processes to follow?

Daniel found PracticeHub while searching online for policies, procedures and clinical governance frameworks. It appeared to be the solution to what he needed to address:

  • a very comprehensive, current set of policies and procedures
  • a learning management system that’s great for inductions, which included online testing across all necessary policies and procedures
  • registers with automated alerts and reminders for vaccine fridge, the ultrasound machine and insurance expiration dates

The results

Street Side Medics now has a very robust and streamlined induction process for educating new starters. All relevant documents are stored digitally in one central location.

“PracticeHub made it a lot easier, all sudden everything was in place”, he says, and more importantly “The current set up allows for the ability to remotely control the practice”.

Feedback on PracticeHub

“I have confidence that if I am not on premises that there is a policy and guideline to follow. It helps me to be protected legally. Also, the staff and customer service at PracticeHub are second to none!”

About PracticeHub

Our Practice Operations Software and complementary services have been purpose- built to support GP practices manage the increasing complexities of running a busy practice, putting you in control so that nothing falls between the cracks.

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