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Quality policies and procedures help practice easily navigate growth and staff induction

As a practice business grows, one challenge is onboarding new staff to meet the increasing demands. Systems and processes that aren’t well documented, or are stored in multiple locations and not updated regularly, can make it difficult for new team members to get their head around how things work. It can be a time-consuming, overwhelming introduction to a business!

Glebe Hill Family Practice, a large practice based in Hobart, Tasmania, has experienced rapid growth in the five years since opening. The business has expanded from four to 14 doctors, plus allied health and nursing staff, and a five-strong receptionist team. Practice Manager, Sonya Elley came on board in March 2021, and has seen even more growth since then.

The problem: Practice processes and documents needed better organisation

Before Sonya joined, one of the doctor-owners acted as practice manager for two years. It was then they realised they needed to improve the organisation of their processes and documents, so everything was in one place, easy to find and update fast.

PracticeHub’s solutions: Your documents in one place; automatic policies template updates, plus audit trail and staff sign-off to reduce risk

While Glebe Hill was already using PracticeHub when Sonya joined, she found the online practice management platform especially helpful for their accreditation preparation.

“I couldn’t tell you how much time we’ve saved for accreditation with PracticeHub,” she said. “It’s made personnel documentation easier: training requirements, practitioner CPD records … and with having everything in the one place, and accessible.”

But it’s the quality of PracticeHub’s Standards-aligned policies and procedures templates that Sonya finds the most helpful – especially in the pandemic.  

“With things changing so fast during COVID, you need policies you can update quickly and communicate out to people … being able to do that is one of PracticeHub’s biggest benefits,” she said.

And you don’t have to rely on updating your policies yourself. PracticeHub also regularly updates its included policies and procedures templates automatically, to cover you in this ever-changing healthcare environment. Along with these updates, the platform alerts you to key legislation changes that impact your policies, ensuring your practice stays current and compliant, helping reduce your medico-legal risk.

There’s the added benefit of an inbuilt audit trail to help you keep track of each policy or update with a requirement that staff sign off that they have received, read and understood a new or updated policy. This provides proof in the event of staff disputes and ensures better quality patient care and reduced practice risk.

The overall results: PracticeHub enhances staff onboarding, communication and training

Staff induction is streamlined, with all your practice policies and procedures in one place so they’re easy to access and update. Sonya found this helpful to ease in a new staff member recently, for a less overwhelming experience.

“They could work through the policies and procedures in stages, break it up between learning other tasks – it’s a lot of content!” She said. “There’s no need for them to remember everything from the first time they read it. They can go back and find it themselves, without feeling like they have to ask people all the time where something is.”

PracticeHub’s online platform makes staff communication easier too – especially when staff aren’t on-site.

“It’s one of the hardest things, when you have contractors and casual or part-time staff, being able to communicate the same message out to people and know everyone has access to it,” Sonya observed. “Not that we’d expect our employees to do it, but certainly with the practitioners being contractors, being able to access information in their own time from wherever they are, that’s been a huge bonus.”

Feedback on PracticeHub: Time saved on tasks, induction and policy updates

As well as saving time on accreditation prep and staff onboarding, Sonya loves the Ahpra Alerts and Certificate of Insurance apps to save time on these essential credentialing tasks. “Being able to pull that information in without having to input it or chase people, it’s a time-consuming job with the number of practitioners we have. These apps have made a huge difference.”

She’s also found PracticeHub has enhanced team collaboration on drafting and updating policies and procedures. “When you’re working on a document, I love being able to notify someone else you’ve updated it, and they can go in and edit or contribute to it. It’s great you can do all that in the background before you release it to the team to review.”

About PracticeHub

Better quality policies and procedures lead to easier team onboarding and performance, which leads to higher quality patient care. Discover how PracticeHub’s policy templates, aligned with the RACGP standards, save you time on updates, improve your compliance, and reduce practice risk.

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