Recording of consults is complex – Doctors should proceed with caution

The question of whether or not you can or should record conversations during consults arises fairly frequently. We recently wrote about the legality of recording workplace meetings. The next natural question is what about recording consultations?

Strategic planning to future-proof your practice

The healthcare industry is transforming at a rapid rate, placing increased pressure on practices. Key factors driving these changes include health reforms, the implementation of the Health Care Homes model and digital health system, the Medicare Benefits ...

Thinking about accreditation? Find out how PracticeHub can help

In addition to making your practice simpler, safer and more efficient, PracticeHub is also an invaluable tool for accreditation – click on the video below to find out how PracticeHub can streamline your next accreditation visit

Our Masterclasses a hit with practice managers

Running a successful medical practice means adapting to changes in compliance and regulations, as well as keeping on top of technologies, systems and processes.

Patient testimonials: are you compliant?

The issue of patient testimonials has been in the news recently, with an online booking business under scrutiny because of its review system. According to media reports, editing of the patient reviews on the site had in many cases effectively turned a neg ...
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