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Tips for preparing for accreditation and beyond

In the lead up to accreditation

Adopt a whole team approach to prepare, including the doctors.

  • Demystify the experience – let the team know what to expect and the process.
  • Prepare the team for interviews with the surveyor.
  • Create realistic schedules to review your policies and procedures.

Use PracticeHub to simplify the accreditation process


  • Side-by-side, open accreditation
    portal and PracticeHub.
  • Add hyperlinks to relevant policy
    and procedures pages or sections.
  • Create a to-do list for any
    incomplete items.

Surveyor login

  • Create a login
    for the surveyor.
  • Some surveyors will
    review documentation
    before the visit.

On the day

  • Log surveyor into PracticeHub.
  • Open the ‘Tip sheet’
    for the surveyor.
  • Show the surveyor the
    search function.
  • Use the risk, complaints and quality improvement registers within PracticeHub.
  • Make sure new starters complete the required learning modules and annual updates.


Meeting agenda
and minutes





This will create an audit trail to show your systems, processes and the practice’s engagement.

Beyond accreditation

Accreditation is part of a practice’s quality improvement journey, which includes:

  • scheduling regular reviews of policies and procedures
  • ongoing development and learning process, aligned with training plans
  • updating quality improvement registers regularly
  • encouraging the practice team to contribute to change.

Always remember, accreditation is a process not an event!

Find out how the PracticeHub platform and our customised accreditation support package can simplify your accreditation, book a demo online or call 1300 96 86 36.

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