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The strategic role of an effective practice manager

Along with the broader healthcare environment, practice management is changing. There’s increased need for tighter governance and risk management – especially during the ongoing pandemic. How can you improve your performance as a practice manager and inspire your team to create a safer, more successful healthcare practice?

In the sixth webinar of the Foundations of successful practice management series, The strategic role of an effective practice manager, an expert panel give valuable insights from their practice management experience.

Topics include: 

  • the difference between operational and strategic management
  • leadership styles
  • empowerment and delegation
  • real-world experience from a practice manager on upskilling and delegation.

About the experts

Gary Smith

Gary Smith
Academic Director, UNE Partnerships

Known as the ‘Guru of Practice Management’, Gary Smith is an Academic Director of UNEP Health Programs and an experienced Health Practice Manager. He is a former National and NSW President of the AAPM and holds a number of Board positions in the healthcare sector nationally and internationally.

With more than 35 years’ real-world experience as a practice manager, Gary has broad expertise in managing large, multi-disciplinary healthcare facilities, and in healthcare reform. He understands how to navigate the challenges practice managers face daily and is uniquely placed to share his knowledge on running a successful, sustainable healthcare practice.

Gemma Gough
Senior Operations Manager

Gemma is a Senior Operations Manager with over 18 years’ experience working in healthcare. She is a member of the AAPM, Chartered Management Institute, Institute of Professional Administrators and has obtained a Diploma of Professional Practice Leadership. Gemma is also a recipient of the Barbara Meredith Award.

Anna-Maria Gibb

Anna-Maria Gibb
Senior Product Manager, PracticeHub

Anna-Maria Gibb is co-creator of MyPracticeManual, now PracticeHub. She is passionate about helping healthcare organisations run more efficiently and minimise risk using better business management systems and processes. Anna-Maria has a background in practice management and qualifications in business and adult education. She regularly presents on business systems and processes.

About PracticeHub

PracticeHub is a simpler, safer and more efficient way to manage a quality practice. We have developed our Practice Operations Software to simplify practice management, with a suite of integrated applications and complementary services that puts you in control so that nothing falls between the cracks.

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