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Complaints: Risk and response

How do you handle complaints?

Patient complaints can be confronting and stressful. But they can also provide an opportunity to improve healthcare delivery and practice systems.

That’s why reframing your approach to complaints handling can help you properly address them in a way that supports your team, providing an effective response to patients and reducing future risk.

In the Complaints: Risk and response webinar, the expert panel show you how to respond effectively and efficiently when a patient makes a complaint.

Topics include: 

  • how do you feel when receiving complaints?
  • transparency, timeliness and management
  • the open disclosure approach
  • documenting complaints
  • using a risk register to monitor trends and contribute to quality improvement and practice changes
  • involving your practice team in complaints handling.

About the experts

Marianna Kelly
Risk Advisor, Avant Mutual

Marianna is a Risk Advisor for Avant. She assists Avant members with medico-legal advice, risk assessments and the development and implementation of risk management strategies.

Marianna has a Masters in Risk Management which equips her to support the theory of risk management with the practical experience of developing strategies to manage the medico-legal roadblocks. Marianna works closely with Avant’s claims managers and solicitors, as well as in-house and external medical advisors to ensure the interests of medical practitioners are protected at all times.

Anna-Maria Gibb

Anna-Maria Gibb
Senior Product Manager, PracticeHub

Anna-Maria Gibb is co-creator of MyPracticeManual, now PracticeHub. She is passionate about helping healthcare organisations run more efficiently and minimise risk using better business management systems and processes. Anna-Maria has a background in practice management and qualifications in business and adult education. She regularly presents on business systems and processes.

About PracticeHub

PracticeHub is a simpler, safer and more efficient way to manage a quality practice. We have developed our Practice Operations Software to simplify practice management, with a suite of integrated applications and complementary services that puts you in control so that nothing falls between the cracks.

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