PracticeHub makes running a practice simpler, safer and more efficient

Refer a friend
and you both receive $200*

As a valued PracticeHub customer, you would be aware how this platform has helped to simplify the management of your practice and give you more time to focus on patients.

Help other practice managers

You can help other practice managers to benefit from this platform. By doing so you will benefit by receiving a $200 eftpos gift card* for each practice that you refer to us that ultimately signs up as a customer.

How to take up this offer

Advise another practice on how PracticeHub has helped you simplify your practice management.

Ask them if they would like a free demonstration. If yes, email with the details of the practice including:

  • subject line “PracticeHub refer a practice”
  • your details:
    • your name
    • name of your practice
  •  details of referred practice:
    • full name of contact / practice manager
    • practice name
    • telephone number
    • email address

If the referred practice purchases PracticeHub before 31 December 2021, we will send you a $200 eftpos card and they will receive a $200 discount off their annual subscription.

More information

If you would like to learn more about this offer, please call us on 1300 968 636 or email us and mention the 'refer a customer' offer.

Refer a Practice Campaign – Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (the "Terms"), as updated from time to time by My PracticeManual Pty Ltd (PracticeHub), are intended to govern the Refer a Friend Promotion (the Promotion).

  1. Duration of the Refer a Practice Promotion
    1. The Promotion and Promotion Benefits in Clause 4 (‘Promotion Benefits’) are available to existing PracticeHub customer who, during the period from October to Dec 2021 (‘Promotion Period’):
      1. meet the Participation criteria in Clause 2;
      2. refer a practice who meets the Eligible Referral criteria in Clause 3; and
      3. comply with the Terms and Conditions of this Promotion.

  2. Participation Criteria
    1. To be eligible to participate in the Promotion, you must be an active PracticeHub customer and successfully refer a practice who becomes a new customer of PracticeHub (‘Referred Practice’).
    2. Customers whose accounts are suspended or in arrears are not eligible to participate.
    3. Any person who is associated with PracticeHub (including a director, employee, agent, and the family and practice of any such individuals) is not eligible to participate in the Promotion.

  3. Eligible Referrals
    1. For the referred practice to qualify as an Eligible Referral for the Promotion, the referred practice must be a new customer of PracticeHub.
    2. To receive the Eftpos card, the new customers must include the name of the Practice Manager and the Practice that referred them on the Application form, which in turn should be a PracticeHub customer.
    3. The referred practice needs to be active and financial for six continuous weeks for the Promotion Benefit to be issued. PracticeHub is entitled to disregard any purchases using the Promotional Code if within six weeks of that purchase the relevant purchaser has requested a refund or terminated for whatever reason.
    4. Referral from only person will be accepted.  If a new practice was already referred by another existing client, the first referrer will be the eligible recipient of the referral
    5. The referrer must have communicated with the potential practice about PracticeHub before forwarding us their details.

  4. Promotion Benefits
    1. Promotion Benefits will be issued after four weeks from when the referred practice’s becomes a customer of PracticeHub.
    2. For each Eligible Referral, the referring customer will receive a $200 Eftpos Gift Card.
    3. Eftpos Gift Cards will be delivered by post. PracticeHub will not be held responsible for any damaged, undelivered, lost or stolen Gift Cards and no replacement will be provided. Eftpos Gift Cards are subject to the terms and conditions, which are subject to change without notice. The gift card is not exchangeable for cash or credit.
    4. There is no limit on referrals made under this promotion.

  5. Other Conditions
    1. In participating in the Promotion, you acknowledge and agree as follows:
      1. you are at least 18 years old;
      2. this offer excludes all other promotional offers;
      3. you will abide by the terms and conditions pertaining to the use of any Gift Cards and that it is your responsibility to ensure you are familiar with those terms and conditions;
      4. you must obtain informed consent from the referred practice prior to forwarding them any email regarding the Promotion;
    2. PracticeHub reserves the right to change the offer conditions at any time.