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Introducing Rewards+, PracticeHub’s exciting new program providing exclusive access to cashback offers and discounts* for PracticeHub customers!

Rewards+ is the exclusive home of discounts and benefits for all PracticeHub members. You can access discounts and offers for over 350 different retailers right across Australia, saving* you and your family on your everyday purchases. 

How does Rewards+ works?

How do discounted eGift cards work? 

You can purchase eGift Cards from your favourite retailers through Rewards+ and you'll get a discount on every order. For example, if you purchase a $100 eGift card with a 5% discount, you'll only pay $95. The eGift Cards are ready for use straight away by either downloading them or showing the eGift card on the SmartSpending app. 

How does cashback work? 

Many retailers offer Cashback on online purchases made through Rewards+. The amount of Cashback is either a percentage of the amount you spend, or a fixed amount. Just search for the retailer on Rewards+, then hit 'click here to earn cashback'. You'll be redirected to the retailer's website where you can make your purchase. For example, if you spend $100 at an online retailer that offers a 10% cashback, you'll pay the retailer $100 and within a few days, the $10 will appear as 'Pending' in your Rewards+ account.

Once confirmed, you can use the Cashback to purchase eGift Cards or withdraw the money to your personal bank account. 

Who can access it?

All active PracticeHub users can access Rewards+

How do I access Rewards+?

If you are an Admin, follow these easy steps to provision Rewards+ for yourself and other PracticeHub users:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Select Admin from the side menu
  3. Navigate to Users and select the user you want to provision Rewards+ for
  4. In the user’s profile, under Products, toggle the Rewards+ switch “on” and click save
  5. Repeat for the remaining users.

If you are a PracticeHub user and want to see if you have access to Rewards+:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Navigate to the side menu panel
  3. A Rewards+ icon should appear
  4. Click on it to access Rewards+

If you are a PracticeHub user and don't have access to Rewards+, please contact your practice administrator.

More information

If you would like to learn more about this program, please call us on 1300 968 636 or email us and mention "Rewards+".

*T&Cs apply