PracticeHub Core

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An integrated practice management platform

PracticeHub Core is built by our experts to help navigate the complexities of running a modern healthcare business, making managing your practice simpler, safer and more efficient.

PracticeHub Core

A purpose built, integrated bundle of applications that sits at the heart of your practice and is designed to help you navigate and stay on top of the complexities of running a modern healthcare business.

All templates support legislative requirements and are aligned with accreditation standards. This will assist you in reducing your practice risk.

Using expertly written specialty templates, the application helps your team understand their roles and responsibilities and remain compliant with standards.

You are automatically notified of key changes. It effortlessly helps keep your practice compliant.

Staff are prompted to confirm they have “read and understood” their role specific policies as part of their induction and when future updates are made.

Drafting policies is streamlined. You can create and share drafts before publishing, allowing staff to contribute online, saving both time and money.

Automatic version control to track policy changes, and audit trails to record compliance sign-offs.

Training and compliance

A core suite of training modules on topics which Avant’s expert risk advisers have determined to represent some of the most common medico-legal and employment risks to a practice.

Eight targeted online courses on some of the most significant practice risks will save you money on training and can help to avoid costly incidents.

All learning modules are regularly updated by experts regarding changes in legislation/standards, helping to keep your practice current and compliant.

Each module includes a quiz to test knowledge and identify gaps in knowledge and opportunities for development. A record and certificate is generated for successful completion.

Role specific induction and training programs can be set up by allocating training modules to roles. This simplifies the onboarding of new team members.

By tracking training plans and progress in one centralised dashboard, you can monitor training completions and keep your team accountable.

A full audit trail provides evidence that the organisation provides training and clearly records the assignment and completion of the training.

Integrated registers

A suite of integrated registers to help practices manage a practice’s key equipment, insurances, contracts and suppliers, with integrated features to ensure the important tasks get done on time.

All information to complete procedures is accessible, with registers, policies and link tasks by role or individual to prevent things falling through the cracks.

All supplier information, user manuals and insurance documents can be attached to the register and is stored in one, easily accessible location.

Alerts and reminders are sent out before the due date, so key deadlines for contract reviews/renewals or equipment recalibration are never missed.

Centrally storing key registers securely in the cloud, on Australian-based servers, ensures data remains accessible in the event of a disaster.

A complete audit trail of changes to register entries makes accreditation easier and evidence in the event of litigation.

Key insights

Helps you remain compliant with legislative standards
Written by experts and continually refreshed
Designed to help your team understand their responsibilities.
High quality learning modules save money on training
Alerts and reminders for equipment/contract registers

Here’s what our customers think

“Having just completed the 5th Edition Standard accreditation, I can honestly say we wouldn’t have had such a smooth transition from 4th edition to 5th edition without PracticeHub."

- Thirroul Medical Practice

"I highly rate the ability to have every single policy on there, and have the staff compliant and trained is something I think every practice should have. The reminder system and the dashboard -- it’s a real one-stop shop for everything! And the support is brilliant!”

- Northside Gynaecology

“I would recommend PracticeHub in a heartbeat – even if practices do not use it to its full potential at the beginning. I am a huge advocate and I would recommend it.”

- Central Clinics

"Practicehub has cleaned up the way I work, there is a specific place for specific things which is great because now I can never misplace documents. The bonus is when I need to update a policy/procedure/contract/details/licencing it pre-warns me it will expire. This helps me stay on track and making sure everything is up-to-date."

- Caneland Dental

"An excellent tool – it helped us to better manage our business risk. Information from PracticeHub pushes along the organisation. The tool made me assess the operations risk much more clearly."

- Child Development Network

“Our practice managers can just jump in to PracticeHub and find what they need now, which saves time. All the documents and templates for individual staff are in there. From a monitoring point of view, it also makes sure we are current.”

- Ochre Health

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