Duties and risks for practice owners

An Avant and PracticeHub webinar series for doctors and directors on the essentials of good governance.

For doctors who want to move from practising medicine into owning a practice or becoming a healthcare company director, it’s essential to learn and apply sound governance skills. Poor, or non-existent governance skills can adversely impact your business, its patients and employees.

That’s why Avant and PracticeHub have created a webinar series for doctors on the duties of a company director.

For some of these webinars, we’re partnering with the Governance Institute of Australia, whose expertise will offer the latest in governance best practice.

The series will help you set up a company that runs efficiently, or improve how your existing business functions, for a safer, more compliant and successful practice.

Upcoming webinars in the series

Employment obligations and liabilities for practice owners and healthcare directors

Wednesday May 19
8pm - 9pm AEST


A governance health check for practice businesses

Wednesday June 9
8pm - 9pm AEST


Mitigating governance risks for practice owners

Monday July 28
8pm - 9pm AEST