Policies and Procedures Set-up

Saving time and effort in setting up your policies and procedures in healthcare

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Policies and Procedures Set-up Service

We set up and update your policies and procedures for your practice and support you in getting ready for accreditation, based on our comprehensive policies framework. The service is delivered by our experienced consultants, saving practices time and effort when managing policies and procedures in healthcare.

Overall benefits

Policies and procedures for your practice will reflect best practice and align with the RACGP or National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

The efficient set-up of your policies and procedures will save you time and minimise the resources you need to dedicate from your own practice.

Once all updates to your policies and procedures have been made and documents are attached the accreditation process will be a lot easier.

The set-up of your updated policies and procedures will be delivered by our practice operations experts with extensive expertise in practice management.

Once the set up for your practice is completed, you will be ready to use the PracticeHub operations platform from day one.

Here’s what our customers think

“PracticeHub gives you peace of mind … It is also great to be assured that you are kept up-to-date with legislation changes and that your policies and procedures remain compliant. I highly recommend PracticeHub as an essential tool for organisation and management.”


"PracticeHub gives us a consistent approach to managing documentation by making it easy for the practice team to update and access policies, procedures, forms and templates.

Patients also benefit from the clear guidelines that are linked to improving the whole patient experience, information, awareness and service."

- Northside Eye Specialists

“I highly rate the ability to have every single policy in one place, and have the staff compliant and trained. The reminder system and dashboard -- it’s a real one stop shop for everything! The support is also brilliant!”

- Northside Gynaecology

"PracticeHub took so much pressure off me and I am very grateful. I know it must have been a huge undertaking by Avant but it is an exceptional resource and support to our practice and I just really wanted to say THANK YOU AVANT! My non-GP surveyor was even interested in PracticeHub for herself.”

- Watersprings Health Centre

“I have confidence that even if I am not on premises, there are policies and guidelines that staff can follow. It helps me be protected legally.

The staff and customer service at PracticeHub are second to none!”

- Street Side Medics