What size practice can benefit from having PracticeHub?
PracticeHub is suitable for any size practice. Small practices will find it useful for business continuity when key personnel leave the practice. The new person can quickly ‘get up to speed’ on the running of the practice. Larger practices will find it useful for managing the multitude of documents, activities and personnel.
Can PracticeHub be customised for my practice?
Yes, PracticeHub is most effective when customised for your practice. You can add your own content as well as customising the template we provide. Depending on your requirements, we can provide various levels of support to customise your site. Ideally you will have the most up-to-date and practice-specific information in your PracticeHub site.
Is this relevant to non-doctor practices?
Absolutely! PracticeHub has developed templates for dental and allied health practices. Our dental template includes content to support the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and is ideal for accreditation.
Does it work for practices that have multiple sites?
Yes, PracticeHub is ideal for organisations with multiple sites. By using one integrated platform, you can be sure that all practices can maintain consistency in their processes. The consolidated views and management reporting functions make it easy to keep up to date on individual site activities. The communication tools allow you to share information with the right people simultaneously, keeping everyone up to date.
Is it scalable in case we increase the size of the practice or add new sites?
PracticeHub is designed to support practices that grow either at the same site or through the expansion to new sites. You can easily add new users, add content and delegate permissions to support the growing organisation.
Will training be provided on how to use it?
Yes, PracticeHub is committed to ensuring clients maximise the benefits of their site. We provide training in the set-up and ongoing use of the site.
Do you help the practice get it set up?
PracticeHub’s three levels of support include support for the practice to set up the site. Our most comprehensive level of support includes a full review of your practice site and documentation, customising PracticeHub and user training.
What if I’m only a small practice – is this relevant?
Small practices still face many of the risks of larger practices, such as recalls, patient consent, privacy and confidentiality, and infection control. Good policies, procedures, training and compliance processes will reduce risks and support patient safety.

If your practice undertakes accreditation, it can save you a significant amount of preparation time and you can give assessors direct access to your PracticeHub site!
Will you support my practice once we have the system set up?
Your ongoing subscription to PracticeHub includes support in use of the site. We recognise that key practice staff, such as practice managers change over time and we provide training to those new staff as required.
What security does PracticeHub provide?
PracticeHub gives the practice extensive control on who can access the site. You can also set user access permissions that can limit certain users’ access to parts of the site.

If you need technical assistance, you can give PracticeHub temporary access to your site.

The site has a range of security features, and certification from the independent assessment of our server security.
How much does it cost?

PracticeHub pricing consists of:

  • a simple subscription starting from $111 / Month per practice
  • an initial one-off set-up cost, which varies according to the level of support required.
How can I find out more about PracticeHub?
To find out more about how PracticeHub can make the management of your practice simpler, safer and more efficient, call us on 1300 968 636 between 9am and 5pm AEST/AEDST, send us an email, use the contact us form or book a no-obligation online demonstration.