Certificate of Insurance

Efficiently manage the certificates of insurance for your staff.

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Our Certificate of Insurance solution

The Certificate of Insurance application is an end-to-end solution which reduces the administrative burden of credentialing by helping you to efficiently collect, manage and then securely store the certificates of insurance for your practice staff.

Overall benefits

Automated email reminders allow for staff to upload their certificates of insurance directly into their own records, saving you the time for follow up.

A simple, guided process to verify and record that practitioner certificates have been correctly supplied makes record keeping easy and saves time.

The dashboard shows how many certificates of insurance are still outstanding. You can filter by practice, health practitioner type, expiry date etc.

An audit trail makes accreditation easy by automatically storing the Certificate of Insurance in the staff record showing by whom/ when it was verified.

To reduce the administrative burden, Avant doctor’s certificate of insurance can be automatically sent directly from Avant, saving you time and effort.

Key insights

Automated collection of certificates saving you time and effort
Instant transparency via the dashboard what is outstanding
Full audit history makes accreditation easy
Sent automatically directly from Avant to Avant doctors