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PracticeHub helps large, multi-disciplinary practice simplify processes and improve team collaboration

Managing a medical practice with many staff and practitioners is complex enough, but even more so if you’re still a paper-based office. How do you stay on top of day-to-day administrative and operational tasks, keep policies and procedures current and get buy-in from your team?

The problem: Paper-based filing and processes made sharing and collaboration difficult

This was the challenge facing Jill Temby, Practice Manager (PM) of Tyner Road Medical in Victoria, a clinic with four nurses, seven receptionists, 10 doctors and allied health and pathology all on-site. Jill took over 12 months ago, after their previous PM retired. While the clinic already had PracticeHub, they weren’t using it to its full capacity and it was their upcoming accreditation, and the recent updated version of PracticeHub that pushed Jill and her team to explore what it could do.

“It was really important to have all our documents, everything to do with the running of the clinic, staff, HR, policies in one place… and I guess things just needed to be simplified. We wanted to transition to paperless and we had seen another similar platform which was cheaper but had much more basic features and functions. So PracticeHub was a no-brainer,” Jill says.

PracticeHub’s solutions: Centralised system encourages team input, training modules save time and money

With all their practice files stored in the cloud, Tyner Road Medical staff can easily access, share and contribute to documents, allowing greater collaboration in how the practice is run and empowering and engaging the whole team.

“As a manager, you really need your team input. When you empower team members, they feel like they can take some responsibility and share their input when it comes to policies and procedures. Being able to ask a team member ‘can you go in and update this policy’ saves time,” Jill says. “And it’s so easy to update a policy, then publish and notify, so staff can sign off that they’ve seen it. I also love being able to target different parts of the business and notify certain staff of changes to their relevant policies.”

This empowerment and ownership helps improve staff performance and frees up a practice manager’s time to focus on bigger picture tasks.

“The ability of my team and managers to go in to PracticeHub and do certain tasks themselves means I don’t have to micro-manage … being able to delegate tasks takes pressure off me,” Jill says.

Saves time and money on training

Regular staff training is essential to running a safe, compliant practice and with PracticeHub’s inbuilt Learning Modules Solution (LMS) , Jill saves time – and stress – trying to source the training herself.

“The modules are really thorough, especially coming into accreditation. It ticked all the boxes, and I didn’t have to spend time trying to find so many different types of training that our staff needed. Thinking about the money we’d spend on that, PracticeHub eliminated [that expense]. And I can simply assign training to staff to complete over a number of weeks. It’s a huge benefit.”

Integrated registers improve risk management

Jill and her team use PracticeHub’s equipment, insurances, contracts and supplier registers, so they never miss deadlines for contract reviews and renewals or equipment recalibration. This improves their compliance and risk management, for a safer practice.

They also come in handy for insurance claims, as Jill discovered.

“We had a car crash through the wall of one of our consulting rooms – it happened just before we started using all the PracticeHub features, especially the equipment registers. After that incident, I realised it would have been so much easier if we had everything logged in the register, for the insurance claim,” she says.

The overall results: Save the equivalent of a part-timer’s wage, and time chasing doctors’ insurance and Ahpra registration 

“If we didn’t use PracticeHub, we would be paying a lot more in wages, and our staff would be working a lot more,” Jill says. “The money saved is equivalent to at least a part time person’s wage – especially in preparation of accreditation, to do everything so quickly and easily. When you stretch that over a year, it pays for itself.”

Jill also loves the time she saves using the Certificate of Insurance and Ahpra Alerts apps. “They’re very helpful, especially when it comes to Avant-insured doctors being able to consent to having their insurance details automatically added to the system. It cuts out the unnecessary extra follow-up work for me.”

Feedback on PracticeHub: Upgraded platform solved even more problems

Since PracticeHub released the latest version, Jill says practice management has become even easier. And she’s thankful for the training PracticeHub’s support team offered with the upgrade.

“The upgraded platform solved a lot of problems and frustrations we had. As soon as I had training on the new version I was able to navigate it more easily. It was like, ‘Oh my goodness, this is so easy, I can do so much!’ Then I was able to train other staff on it, and we could use a whole lot more of the platform,” she says. “The webinars have been really informative too, great for risk assessment, and giving you more ideas of how to use the platform to make life easier.”

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Automating and simplifying so many practice processes can help you not only save time, but the equivalent of a part-timer’s wage.

Find out how PracticeHub can save your practice time and money on training, risk management and compliance.

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