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Thirroul Medical Practice was established about 70 years ago and has a long tradition of serving patients on the northern shores of the Illawarra region. The practice also provides allied health services to patients with a psychologist, they have a diabetic educator on duty, as well as a pharmacy consultant conducting home visits.

Thirroul Medical Practice is a teaching practice. Students from the University of Wollongong receive training from the practice team on an ongoing basis.

Currently, the practice has 11 general practitioners, four nursing staff and seven additional administration staff.

The problem to solve

The practice was preparing for re-accreditation going from the 4th to the 5th edition of the RACGP standards. Given the inherent change in the standards, the practice manager, Kerri, saw this as a very cumbersome task to retrofit and upgrade all policies in a relatively short period of time with no extra resources available.

Looking at Solutions

Thirroul Medical Practice was looking for a digital solution delivering a clinical operations governance framework that could facilitate accreditation.

The solution should contain:

  • a comprehensive and current set of policies and procedures written by experts, aligned with RACGP standards
  • a learning management system for inductions and onboarding, covering all necessary policies and procedures
  • a document management system ensuring all information is stored in one place
  • a solution that is digital and can be easily accessed by everyone, even remotely.

Kerri purchased a subscription to PracticeHub, including a general practice policies and procedures template. To tailor it specifically for the practice, the template was edited and content customised where relevant. Based on the comprehensive template, the practice staff was able to work through the new edition very quickly and created an updated version in line with the current standards.

The Results

“We passed accreditation with flying colours. The practice surveyor for accreditation had not seen PracticeHub before. We could show her everything on screen andshe was very impressed with the tool.”

Feedback about PracticeHub

 “It keeps you organised, you know when things are expiring or require maintenance. It is easy to keep track of staff, push out new policies and keep staff accountable.”

About PracticeHub

PracticeHub is a simpler, safer and more efficient way to manage a quality general practice. We have developed our Practice Operations Software to simplify practice management, with a suite of integrated applications and complementary services that puts you in control so that nothing falls between the cracks.

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