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Busy two-site practice improves efficiency and quality of its service, with PracticeHub

Paper-based documentation and filing can be a time and space-consuming method of practice management. Too often, files and forms can’t be found when they’re needed – which can lead to staff frustration and inefficiencies, diverting time and focus away from what practice staff do best: patient care.

The problem: Filing inefficiencies caused accreditation stress

Tahmoor Medical Centre, a two-site practice south-west of Sydney has 43 staff and allied health practitioners across its two practices. Relying on paper-based systems left Practice Manager, Michelle and Kathy, the nursing manager, unable to efficiently prepare for accreditation.

Practice owner, Andre wanted to make Michelle’s life easier and help reduce the time she and Kathy spent looking for documents during their accreditation preparation.

PracticeHub’s solutions: Accreditation prep time cut from eight months to one week

Michelle says they used to spend up to eight months getting ready for accreditation, using their former paper-based system. “Now we just check PracticeHub before accreditation and that’s it. It’s very quick. We’re ready at all times of the year.”

While the pandemic’s lockdowns have meant accreditation visits kept being pushed back, Michelle still has to make sure doctor registrations and insurances, as well as their policies and procedures, stay current. “If I didn’t have PracticeHub, I would be going through my blue folder I used to use and would find at the end of lockdown that everything would be out of date, and a lot of the documentation out of date.”

Now, with automated apps like Certificate of Insurance (CoI) and Ahpra Alerts, practitioner registrations and insurance details are easier to keep on top of, so they’re ready for the next accreditation date.

“I love that Aphra is linked and it automatically comes in. It’s one less hassle to do every year. I am keeping up to date because of PracticeHub sending me those alerts. And when we need to update our vaccine policy – we’ve got Pfizer now as well as Astra Zeneca – we can go in and update it straight away,” Michelle says.

The overall results: Greater efficiency frees practice manager to focus on improving quality of service

These PracticeHub features have enabled Michelle to be more productive in other areas of her role, and to run a better-quality practice more efficiently, instead of spending almost a year preparing for accreditation.

And now, filing cabinets are a thing of the past at Tahmoor Medical Centre. “If staff ask ‘Which filing cabinet do I get this from?’ I tell them, ‘We haven’t used filing cabinets for years, it’s all in PracticeHub!’ They can just access stuff as needed.”

PracticeHub is helping improve staff engagement and compliance with policies and procedures too. Michelle says all new staff, including GPs, have PracticeHub logins and are expected to read the policies and procedures and be up to date.

“When things change with a policy, I can just push it out, I don’t have to say, ‘Oh this has changed’. They get the alert, they read it,” she explains.

Feedback on PracticeHub: everything at your fingertips and helpful support

Michelle is grateful for the support she received from PracticeHub’s Ops Team early on to implement the system.

“It’s taken time to get PracticeHub to where it is, but Gen helped me out so much, she was the one that made me love PracticeHub. I can’t sing her praises enough. But I don’t need as much help anymore because I know the system inside out,” she says.

“I don’t know what I would do without PracticeHub. [The quality of our practice] has definitely improved because everything is at your fingertips. You’re not wasting time searching for something.”

About PracticeHub

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Find out how PracticeHub can improve your practice’s efficiency so you can focus on delivering more for your patients.

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