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Achieving oversight and consistency in practice operations across many sites


Rural & Remote Medical Services (RARMS) was established in 2001 as a charity by the NSW Rural Doctors Network. RARMS practice network spans 11 sites with staff living and working with rural and remote communities.

The practices are delivering health services to some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in Australia and caring for more than 22,000 patients. 26 percent of these patients are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

The problem to solve

The organisation is employing over 50 staff in the most difficult to supply locations in Australia. Some doctors are permanent GPs, many are locums, and about half of the workforce are nursing/admin staff. Many locums work on rotation, either two weeks on and two weeks off, or on a six-month schedule.

In the past, RARMS had used SharePoint for policies, procedures and HR files, but this approach was not very effective. There were many different versions and no consistency across sites.

The frequently changing clinical team members did not have a strong understanding of compliance. RARMS is a very multi-cultural environment working with many doctors from different countries.

Looking at solutions

The operations manager was looking for a solution to establish oversight, consistency and a high-quality induction process across all sites. All information should be digital, easily accessible and in one place.

PracticeHub was a solution that could easily be rolled out and addressed all issues:

  • a very comprehensive and current set of policies and procedures to help doctors trained overseas and other clinical staff become familiar with the Australian practice procedures
  • a learning management system for onboarding and induction with eight modules addressing the highest practice risks
  • registers with automated alerts and reminders when they expire for equipment contracts and insurance.

The solution is supported by dashboards that allow for easy monitoring and central control across sites.

The results

RARMS now has easy oversight across all practices and policies and procedures are consistent across all sites. The operations/practice manager has already rolled out the LMS training module on privacy and confidentiality for all clinical staff with more modules to come going forward in the next few months.

Feedback on PracticeHub

“I would absolutely recommend PracticeHub to all practices. I am converted. You won’t ever regret it. Everything is one place. The team can quickly access everything remotely.”

About PracticeHub

Our practice operations software makes managing multi-site practice groups simpler and more efficient by standardising the group’s operations and enabling these to be centrally monitored and governed.

PracticeHub is a simpler, safer and more efficient way to manage multi-site practice groups.

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