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PracticeHub helps busy regional surgical practice streamline compliance, staff onboarding and business expansion

Imagine juggling the roles of practice manager, business manager and nurse in a busy regional practice.

It’s all in a day’s work for Trish Jancewicz at colorectal and general surgical practice, Riverina Surgical Consulting in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. Her husband Dr Stephen Jancewicz is the principal and general and colorectal surgeon at the practice while Trish manages the office, onboards new staff, and assists in surgeries and triaging patients at the small four-person practice.

While this would be challenging at the best of times, the practice has recently expanded into adjoining premises and with two more surgeons keen to join the practice in the next year. They’ve been “flying by the seat of their pants”, as Trish puts it, keeping on top of practice management and compliance tasks.

Foreseeing the need to upskill to better perform her roles, Trish gained formal qualifications in practice management from the University of New England. During her studies, she attended an Australian Association of Practice Management (AAPM) conference, and it’s there she started hearing from other practice managers about an online platform that made their job easier.

The problem: office paper chase led to stress and a feeling of being overwhelmed

Juggling so many responsibilities in a paper-based office, Trish often felt she was chasing her tail keeping track of the many tasks and key dates they needed to meet. Being surrounded by piles of paper in office also stressed and overwhelmed her.

With PracticeHub recommended widely at the AAPM conference Trish attended, she didn’t look at many other options.

“It just made sense when I looked into it, it was a no-brainer. There are other options out there, but they weren’t as inclusive, with everything I needed, which PracticeHub was.”

PracticeHub’s solutions: customisable policy templates bring flexibility to processes, reminders streamline admin and help to ensure compliance

While Trish started using PracticeHub’s general and specialist policies and procedures templates ‘out of the box’, she eventually tweaked each one to suit their needs as a small, regional, surgical practice.

For example, as a colorectal surgical practice, appointment bookings are not always ‘next available’. Staff are trained to look out for red flags in the information patients provide when booking an appointment and alert Trish and the doctors, so patients needing more urgent attention get earlier appointments. Trish could tweak the appointment bookings policy template in PracticeHub, to meet these needs and mitigate risk.

And with Riverina Surgical Consulting’s plans for growth, Trish was especially concerned about staying compliant. With PracticeHub’s reminders feature, tasks are less likely to slip through the cracks.

“Trying to stay on top of changing environments, laws, legislations … there’s so many bodies we are accountable to. I felt I needed a system and PracticeHub ticked every box. I love the reminders for insurances and registrations. PracticeHub helps us remain compliant, because the system reminds me that something’s changing and ‘here’s an updated version of your policy to support that change’. So, that was reassuring; it helped to keep me in check. I feel more in control since implementing PracticeHub, and knowing accreditation will come for specialist practices I feel we’re half way there, because I’ve got systems in place.”

The overall results: 10 hours a week time saved, easier to scale and grow the practice

As well as making compliance easier, PracticeHub has saved Trish approximately 10 hours a week across all of her practice management tasks. She also no longer has to sit with a new team member, showing them how things work. She simply directs them to PracticeHub’s tutorials and their policies and procedures manual to learn about the practice - how and why they do things a certain way. As the practice grows, onboarding and training will be even easier because:

  • new employees can be assigned role-specific policies and procedures to learn their responsibilities without being overwhelmed or having to read the entire manual
  • Trish can stay on top of each team member’s progress in training, via dashboard notifications
  • PracticeHub provides an easy-to-access resource for staff if Trish is away or unavailable.

“It’s been a wonderful filler-in to educate new staff. Four people currently use PracticeHub, and we’re about to employ more. So, I’m glad we implemented it early, before we grew. I can only imagine how hard it would be to stay on top of everyone’s registrations, training, compliance … as you grow that all changes too. Now, everyone’s used to it. It’s easy for anyone at any moment to get on and check: how do I do that? Or, ‘I’ve got 10 minutes spare, I’ll do a training module’. I can’t imagine where we’d be without it.”

Feedback on PracticeHub: it’s like having a PA!

With the time saved in staff induction and training, as well as automatic updates to policies and procedures in line with regulatory changes, Trish feels PracticeHub is like having a personal assistant.

“Knowing things are brought to my attention and updated inside my policies and procedures manual, it’s current at all times, without me having to stress about it. Unless we tweak how we do things, I don’t need to go in and change a lot. It’s an amazing resource and it’s brought a lot of calm to me in my role. It enables me to stay on top of where staff are at with training. As if I’d have time to know where that is at if I didn’t have PracticeHub! I’ve got this help backing me up now.”

About PracticeHub

Keeping on top of the frequent changes to healthcare regulations and legislation manually can be overwhelming and prone to slip-ups. With PracticeHub’s inbuilt reminders and updates, it’s easier for your practice to stay compliant and you’re freed up to focus on looking after your patients and your team.

Discover more of PracticeHub’s benefits and essential features to make running your practice simpler, safer and more efficient.

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