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Ochre Health creates the ideal policies framework for their multi-site group, using PracticeHub’s flexibility

Founded in 2002, Ochre Health specialises in providing health services to outer-urban, regional and remote areas of Australia, through a network of health professionals committed to creating healthier communities.

The organisation runs preventative and management-focused patient health programs, along with educational and communication campaigns. Ochre Health proactively records and measures their patient health outcomes, which demonstrates the positive impact of their clinics on community health, while driving their continuous improvement of their healthcare services.

In her busy role as National Practice Support Manager, Linda Hamlyn looks after the acquisition and integration process for practices joining the Ochre Health group. Here, she shares how PracticeHub has improved this process.

The problem: manual policies and procedures with little version control or room to customise

Linda described their previous system as, “archaic, more of a document storage, in folders. It didn't have any automatic quality control around version dates, and we needed to do that manually.”

Ochre Health was looking for a customisable policies and procedures system to give their people a framework that sets corporate expectations and requirements, but with enough space to be autonomous within their roles.

“We've got 50 practices now and there’s a certain individuality within each, so we wanted overarching policies but also to be able to tailor them to reflect different locations. We didn't see that component in anything else we looked at,” Linda explained.

PracticeHub’s solutions: easier document tracking, compliance and onboarding

Ochre Health needed a platform that was easy to access and navigate, in which their team, wherever located, could find what they are searching for quickly. They also wanted an easier way to meet their compliance obligations, such as accreditation standards, and to simplify onboarding of new staff.

With PracticeHub, Ochre Health improved these essential practice management tasks:

  • Version control process for their policies and procedures. Different department heads are assigned ownership of their relevant documents, and responsible for approving and tracking them via PracticeHub’s inbuilt audit trail.
  • Facilitating COVID vaccine policies and procedures compliance. PracticeHub provided a way for Ochre Health to ensure all staff have read, understood and signed off on them.
  • Simplify compliance and accreditation, with all documents accessible in one place, to their team and an assessor. “When AGPAL comes in they can see it’s all tailored to the overarching requirements and to the individuality of the practice as well,” Linda explained.
  • Onboarding new staff, and new practice sites is more comprehensive and consistent. New staff access only the policies and processes relevant to their role, so they’re not overwhelmed. “They can watch the ‘Ochre Way’ video and access a good number of policies and processes without getting lost or having too much to read. Being able to set up those roles and release only certain policies …to those roles helps with this. We want to do that as well with new site transitions,” Linda said.

Linda also loves the fact that cloud based PracticeHub is accessible from anywhere:

“If I’m on the ground in Armidale or anywhere else for that matter, I can go in and see what the practice managers are doing,” she said.

The overall results: Greater consistency across Ochre Health

Using PracticeHub, Linda created policies and procedures for the group’s practice managers with a choice of templates they could adapt to their practice’s needs.

“I tried to include a number of different variances so they could take out what they didn’t need. It provided consistency yet let them tailor it for their needs. Not all our policies or procedures need that tailoring and PracticeHub makes it optional.”

Customisable policies and procedures also help Ochre Health onboard new practices.

“We opened six medical centres in two days in Western NSW. We had 12 of our practice managers go out and had them supporting each practice as they opened their doors. Although they all had their training checklists, we realised all the trainers do the process slightly different and therefore taught it slightly different. With all the policies, procedures and work instructions in PracticeHub now, we can ensure everyone is training from the same page and achieve consistency where it makes sense. Linda said.

Feedback on PracticeHub: attentive service and surprise features

Integrating PracticeHub into Ochre Health was a seamless, stress-free experience, with dedicated experts assigned to the group, to help with training on using the platform.

“Having the resources on hand when we need to know something, at the click of an email … I feel like we've got our own people to go to. The PracticeHub guys are really responsive!”

Above all, it’s the consistency and accessibility Linda loves:

“Our practice managers can just jump in to PracticeHub and find what they need now, which saves time. All the documents and templates for individual staff are in there. From a monitoring point of view, it also makes sure we are current.

“There's a lot of functionality in there we didn't see coming – that’s a benefit. We weren't expecting the registers, we were purely looking for document control and easy access. I think once we've got everything in there, it's just a matter of reviewing regularly, and we’ll be set.”

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