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How PracticeHub helped Heritage Medical navigate change management and ace accreditation

Preparing a healthcare practice for change and growth can be a daunting prospect for those working in the business. It’s even more of a challenge when you’re an external consultant brought in to set the wheels in motion, and the practice mostly uses hard copy policies and procedures.

This was the situation facing Practice Management Consultant Leona Brooke from Brooke Consulting Group, when she joined Heritage Medical a general practice with three clinics in Nowra and Berry, New South Wales.

Leona joined the team 12 months ago to identify change issues and how to address them. Meanwhile, she has also been acting as practice manager.

Heritage Medical had purchased PracticeHub two years’ prior but wasn’t using the platform to its full capacity. With Leona’s previous experience using it in other medical practices, she naturally chose to implement its features so they would become an integral part of Heritage Medical’s daily operations.

The problem: hard copy policies and procedures manual only dusted off for accreditation

The practice’s hard copy policies and procedures were only looked at every three years when preparing for accreditation. While staff would update policies at the time, they weren’t used for another three years, and when things would change, staff couldn’t find the files to update them to stay compliant, leaving them vulnerable to medico-legal and HR risk.

PracticeHub’s solutions: centralised policies and procedures reduced accreditation preparation time in half

With their three clinics, Heritage Medical needed a platform that allowed staff to access and update documents quickly and easily – especially for accreditation.

“We used PracticeHub’s existing templates for accreditation, but there’s a lot in our manual we had to start from scratch: how we do things, how we book appointments ... And we created policies and procedures that didn’t exist before, such as how to run a COVID vaccination clinic.”

Achieved accreditation with flying colours
They successfully accredited two of their practices concurrently, saving 50 per cent of admin time on the accreditation process.

It will be even easier and faster to prepare in future. With PracticeHub in the background reminding everyone to review policies, it’s easy to update as they go, not all at once for accreditation, which relieves stress for teams.

“If PracticeHub wasn’t already here, I certainly would have recommended it. There is no way I would have tried to get through [accreditation] without it. Because I’ve used it before, I know it works and I know everyone can access it and be a part of it. I certainly encourage the doctors to use it.”

The overall results: better use of resources and team empowerment

Heritage Medical’s easier accreditation experience was one example of how PracticeHub helps a medical business save time and money. Creating and updating policies for accreditation, they were then quickly adapted to suit each clinic location.

More time and money saved
Because staff aren’t repeating mistakes and it’s easy to quickly bring them up to speed, Heritage Medical has increased its efficiency, saving time.

“In the next 12 months, they won’t need a high level of management input into policies and procedures like they have initially, because everyone will touch and contribute to PracticeHub according to their roles,” Leona said. “Everyone has their input, the load is spread across the business. You’re not paying manager’s rates, you’re paying the team leaders to write policies and procedures and the rest of the team to contribute to them. That saves money. PracticeHub pays for itself.”

Improved employee performance and ownership
Before using PracticeHub, Heritage Medical’s nurse and reception team leaders could make changes to policies and procedures, but not create them. Now they feel more empowered, and there’s improved accountability in them and their team, thanks to the centralised access.

“Team leaders feel part of the decision-making process. Having PracticeHub as the one source of reference has also helped with team building,” Leona said.

With PracticeHub access, they are empowered with the responsibility to create and edit their own policies. This has helped them step more into leadership and perform their roles more successfully in the business.

Feedback on PracticeHub: previous experience meant the platform met expectations

As Leona had used PracticeHub with other clients, she knew it would solve Heritage Medical’s efficiency issues. And she was reassured by Avant’s backing and support of PracticeHub, which gives the product market longevity.

“I expected great things from the platform and it has met my expectations. I knew PracticeHub understood how medical practices work; it has all the standards in there. I also like that it’s not just policies and procedures, but equipment registers. That’s really helpful, certainly in a big practice like this with three locations and lots of equipment. And the new changes, auto-checking practitioners with their Ahpra registration – fantastic! Putting in their [certificates of] insurance as well. I love that it talks to Avant and comes back. It’s one less thing I have to do!”

For time-poor practices, having the PracticeHub team set it up is a helpful option. “But keep in mind you need to do it yourself eventually. If not, you’re not really understanding what else PracticeHub could do. There is nothing out there similar. It’s been a complete lifesaver – you have to spend time on set up, but you will certainly see the rewards,” Leona said.

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