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How a growing practice was able to implement consistent clinical governance


The Child Development Network (CDN) was founded 20 years ago by a paediatrician with a special focus on child development. The group practice consists of a group of private paediatrics, psychology and educational professionals working together as a team to help children and their families experiencing difficulties with development and behaviour.

The practice has recently substantially increased and now includes 13 clinical and educational staff, with plans to add two more within the next six months. The practice has also moved locations and has increased the number of consulting rooms.

The problem to solve

Due to the rapid growth and its multidisciplinary approach across different specialities, the practice needed more structure. The owners were looking for a digital platform to put policies and procedures for all team members in place as a clinical governance to protect the practice.

Looking at Solutions

Mark, the practice manager at Child Development Network, has known about PracticeHub for a very long time and had looked at similar products in a previous role.

The main scope for usage was for the induction and training of new staff as well as implementing consistent policies and procedures. He was looking for one source of correct and current information for all members of the practice that members can access any time and even remotely.

The results

For the new staff, it has been invaluable from an induction point of view. PracticeHub makes it easy for new staff to understand what they need to know. It allows consistency across team members.

Feedback about PracticeHub

"An excellent tool - It helped us to better manage the business risk. Information from PracticeHub pushes along the organisation. The tool made me assess the operations risk much more clearly."

About PracticHub

We have developed our Practice Operations Software to simplify practice management and help ensure compliance, with a suite of integrated applications and complementary services that put you in control so that nothing falls between the cracks.

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