Updated national vaccine storage guidelines

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GPs and practices are reminded of their vaccine care obligations in the wake of updated national vaccine storage guidelines and a recent NSW Health audit. Both highlight the importance of correct vaccine storage.

What's the best plan of attack for aggressive patients?

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It's important to make sure all staff in the practice are safe.  Most GPs have seen or experienced aggression at work, so it’s important to develop a whole-of-practice response to challenging behaviour.

Joint responsibility for Medicare repayments

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With the Shared Debt Recovery Scheme coming into effect on 1 July 2019 as part of an increased focus on Medicare compliance, it’s important for both doctors and practices to understand Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) billing requirements.

Podcast: Deceased patients' medical records

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What are your confidentiality and privacy obligations when a patient is deceased? Who, if anyone, can you share the medical records with? Find out this and more in chapter two of our medical records podcast series.

Employer’s rights and requests for flexible work arrangements

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As flexible work arrangements become the ‘new normal’, more and more practices are facing employee requests for flexible work arrangements and the risk of legal action if they don’t comply. It is important for practices to understand the legal issues they should be aware of and how to respond.


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