Patients who fail to attend an appointment

Summary : It’s a busy morning in the clinic. A patient who had a 10.30am appointment does not attend. What are the possible implications if neither the clinician nor practice staff take any action regarding the missed appointment?

Health Care Homes: 10 tips for practice managers

To meet the requirements of the Health Care Homes initiative, general practices will need to adapt to a new payment method and team-based care approach.

The subtle art of good triage for medical receptionists

Capturing the information shared by patients at the front desk and prioritising appointments appropriately reduces risk and helps practitioners enjoy a better organised day. In the healthcare world we call this triage.

Immunisations for staff – obligations and considerations

You recently hired a receptionist to work at your practice on a permanent employment contract. After she starts work, the receptionist tells you that she was not vaccinated as a child. She holds strong views about vaccinations and immunisation, and says t ...

When are employees entitled to paid carer’s leave or sick leave?

An employee at your practice has asked to take a day of carer’s leave so she can take her eight-year old daughter (who has broken her arm) to a check-up appointment at the nearest hospital. Is the employee entitled to paid carer’s leave for wh ...
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