New coronavirus Medicare telehealth item numbers

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The Federal Government has announced new Medicare billing items to allow bulk-billed phone or video consultations to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for patients and healthcare staff. However, it is important to understand the criteria for these billing items as there are differences for specialists and general practitioners.

A balancing act

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A full-time employee made an unfair dismissal application against her practice employer to the Fair Work Commission after the practice was unable to accommodate her request to change her working hours. The case is a good example of the challenges in balancing supporting employee flexibility requests with the needs of the business.

A quality team - Business improvement

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Improving patient outcomes and the success of the practice are common goals for healthcare providers. Delivering on these goals requires the involvement of the whole practice team, not just the clinical staff.

7 steps to avoiding a human data breach

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Dramatic cyberattacks may make the headlines, but in fact, simple human error accounts for more data breaches in the health sector than any shadowy figures. In the first year of the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) advised that health service providers reported the highest number of incidents, around 20% of all breaches. Of the breaches involving health service providers, more than half were due to human error. We’ve reviewed the OAIC report and calls to Avant involving data breaches, and have identified the following key learnings.

Simplifying super: are they an employee or independent contractor?

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You are surprised to receive a letter from Dr Smith, a former contractor, demanding over $100k for unpaid super. Dr Smith worked at your practice as a contracted doctor for over a decade and now claims he’s entitled to unpaid superannuation. Where does the practice stand and how do you respond?


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