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How solid policies and procedures set up your practice for success

The safety, sustainability and success of your healthcare practice depend on the quality of your policies and procedures. The importance of this document can’t be overstated. It’s the guidebook for achieving your business goals that informs the day-to-day running of your business, defines staff roles (and provides a way to measure their performance), sets your service standards, code of conduct, risk mitigation and infection control prevention – and so much more.

In fact, the more detailed your policies and procedures, the more robust your practice’s operations. Getting them right can be a complex task, but with an online practice management platform like PracticeHub it can be easy. Let’s look at how.

Customisable templates for all aspects of practice management

PracticeHub includes a comprehensive range of policies and procedures templates, covering essential practice management elements such as:

  • Patient Health Records
  • Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Patient Communication
  • Appointment Management
  • Risk Management
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Organisational Culture

The templates are flexible and easy to update as your business evolves and grows.

Making compliance and accreditation easier

While demonstrating your policies and procedures compliance is especially important for accreditation, you’ll save time and reduce stress if you look at reviewing and updating your processes as an ongoing journey.

PracticeHub’s onboard P&P templates have been created by practice management experts and are compliant with the RACGP Standards and the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

You can also directly link your policies and procedures to the relevant legislation for human resources, work health and safety, COVID and vaccines etc., with automatic updates on key regulatory changes.

This ensures your policies and procedures stay current and compliant for your accreditation and regulatory responsibilities, while reducing your medico-legal risk.

Specialty-specific policies and procedures templates

PracticeHub includes a broad range of P&P templates for specific medical specialties, making it easier to adapt to your practice’s particular requirements.

Specialty templates include general practice, specialist, ophthalmology, plastics and cosmetics, psychiatry and psychology, day surgery, diagnostic imaging, dental and physiotherapy.

Track staff compliance, training and performance

PracticeHub’s core suite of training modules cover some of the common medico-legal and employment risks to a practice, as identified by Avant’s expert risk advisers. The eight targeted online courses save you money on training and can help avoid costly incidents.

Simplify your onboarding of staff, by allocating relevant role-specific induction and training programs. PracticeHub lets you track their completion of modules as part of their induction and when future updates are made.

Set up is easy – we do it for you!

Implementing a new system into your practice can be disruptive, but with a PracticeHub subscription, we are there to support you.

Our experienced consultants can help you set up and update your policies and procedures and support you in preparing for accreditation, saving you time and effort, so you can keep delivering excellent healthcare services to your patients.

Discover how PracticeHub helps you create and maintain solid, sustainable policies and procedures. Book a demo or call 1300 96 86 36.

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