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Efficiently and securely manage the registrations of all Ahpra registered staff.

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Our Ahpra Alerts solution

The Ahpra Alerts app enables you to efficiently and securely manage the registrations of all Ahpra registered health practitioners by automatically informing you when there is a change in their registration status.

Overall benefits

Verifying the annual renewal of practitioners’ Ahpra registrations is automated, saving you time and effort.

Automatic alerts to changes in a practitioner’s registration, conditions or undertakings, ensures the practice can reduce its risk.

The Ahpra Alerts app works in the background, continually pulling in information from the Ahpra database and alerting the practice of any changes to the practitioner’s status via app notifications and email.

As an Authorised Service Integrator of Ahpra, PracticeHub is granted direct access to Ahpra’s practitioner register.

Key Insights

Alerts and reminders ensure registration never lapses
Automated process – less time and effort spent on tracking
Data pulled directly from Ahpra records ensuring accuracy

One Time Setup Fee

Talk to us about configuring the platform to the unique circumstances of your practice with flexible pricing options.


Ongoing Subscription

Enabling you to efficiently manage the Ahpra registrations of all health practitioners.


Included with a
PracticeHub Core subscription

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Included Features:

  • Ahpra Alerts application
  • Renewal automation
  • Status change notifications
  • Integration into Ahpra
  • Access to Ahpra's register

Here’s what our customers think

“PracticeHub’s Ahpra Alerts & CoI apps have fast become my favourite features. They help me keep track of Certificates of Insurance and Ahpra registrations for the doctors and nurses in my practice. The apps are easily accessible and user friendly. The best part is, if something has changed, I receive an alert email and notification on the dashboard so that I can investigate further. Having everything in one place and knowing that it is up to date and current, helps us remain compliant without all the time-consuming manual work!”

-Deb Koch - Tatiara Medical Centre